It is important to have a plumber

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Posted on: 06/14/18

One drop of water does not generally do much damage to a piece of wood, linoleum, tile, or other home surface. Two drops do not present much of a problem either, but a continuous slow drip or leak will mount up over time and cause damage to the surface. An undetected leak is a major concern as it can cause extreme damage to the structure of your home. It is highly unpleasant to find yourself sitting in the under-structure of your home, looking up through the hole created by an undetected leak that weakened the floor structure. Known leaks that are ignored are just as damaging as undetected leaks; leak detection and prevention should be in the priority list of every home owner.

  Water is a very destructive force when not monitored and kept under control. A water pipe system is designed to bring in water, and to take it away after usage. The most common leak found in a home is a leaky faucet. In many older homes, it is not uncommon to find a groove worn into a sink that has an old faucet which has leaked for years. One drop at a time, water will carve out the hardest of materials.

  The lower reaches of a home are more prone to damage by water . This includes Brass cartridge basements, sub flooring and even the first floor of a two-story home. Leaks can commonly be found around pipe fittings, faucets, toilets, bathtubs, and even the hot water heater. A pipe is weakest at the point where it is joined, and different types of pipes, such as PVC and galvanized steel, being joined together require specialized Brass tap fitting Suppliers materials to prevent leaks around the joint.

  It is important to have a plumber come in any time a leak is suspected, to prevent a minor leak from becoming a major flood, or a slow catastrophe over time. Pipes may get weakened over time due to water pressure. In very cold weather they may freeze partially or even fully and sustain weakening or damage. It is particularly risky when a pipe in a wall sustains the damage. Faucets may need resealing, and the seals under a commode may need replacement. Another point that homeowners should pay close attention to is the drain line at the back of a washing machine. If improperly installed, a drain line may back up and overflow without being noticed. While a concrete floor can take more abuse than a wooden floor, stagnant water is always a health hazard.


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